Which portal is best for import-export data of China?

Seair exim solutions

China is a country in Asia. It is one of the biggest economies of 20.6 trillion USD. It has the largest exporter and the second-largest importer. According to export-import data, export was 20.4% of the economy and imports 18.4% of the economy. Import-export business can be intimidating, it is vital traders have structured data on the commodity they plan to trade-in. China import-export data is a vital link to succeed in trading in China.  China imported commodities worth 2.056 trillion USD and exported products 2.591 trillion USD.

The import-export data helps importers and exporters get relevant information on a single window. Traders can use the data for time-saving. Traders can set up realistic short-term and long-term business goals after viewing the data. They can modify their goals if market conditions change. Importers and exporters examine the database to make business decisions. They can identify new markets and new business partners. They can use the data to increase sales and profits and increase market share.

The import-export data can reveal the top imported commodities are machinery and apparatus, chemicals, and fuels. The bulk of exports from China are manufactured goods, furniture and clothing and textiles, and plastics and plastic articles. The top trade partners of China are the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea.

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Traders need to select the trade data provider carefully. They need to decide if they want only import data, export data, or both. While selecting the import-export data provider you need to consider the following. How frequently is the database updated? Will you get training and prompt customer service? Is the data provided accurate? Does the data provider offer advanced searches or trade data tools? How extensive is the data and does it consider historical data? Do they provide trial subscriptions?

Most import-export data providers create the data from documents like the bills of lading, shipping manifest, and invoices. The data contains various details like importer and exporter contact details, detailed product description, price, quantity, ports, and country for import and export.

Seair Exim Solutions has been providing genuine import-export data since 2009. Each entry is verified by our data experts before adding the information to the data. We offer our flexibility allowing our customers the package to suit their budget. We provide unparalleled customer support to our clients. We offer a money-back guarantee if the customer is dissatisfied. Our speedy server ensures our clients get their information quickly.

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