When The Prince Needs To Dress The Part

There was a time when the royal men took just as much time to get ready as the women – they would have elaborate attires, headgear and jewellery to match. As time went by and life started to become busier, men started spending lesser time in dressing up. While they continued to groom themselves, the time and effort spent on their clothes started to reduce. This is perhaps one of the reasons why, men’s fashion was almost non-existent at one point of time.

However, things started to change and men started to become extremely conscious about what they were wearing. They wanted options when it came to outfits – whether they were simple kurtas or something a lot more elaborate. The men were no longer going to be satisfied with a handful of clothes on a single rack, they wanted more; they wanted the kind of options that women have always had.

rupak indian kurta pajama

Nowadays, every time a man steps out, he knows that there are several eyes on him, and he really wants to make a mark in the world, he needs to be well dressed. When they must have first coined the adage that clothes maketh a man, they were well aware that clothes are an important part in the personality of an individual. Whether you call the modern man fashion conscious or metrosexual, the fact of the matter is that he wants to be well dressed and dressed for the occasion each time.

men’s fashion

So, if it is a festival, a man would want to wear a kurta pajama, which is the perfect choice for all Indian festivities. Whether you want to choose a simple cotton kurta or something a little more elaborate, these days, you will find plenty of choices. Walk into any retail store or choose to shop online and you will find so many options that you will not want to stop at just one outfit.

And when the wedding season comes knocking, it’s not just the women who want to look great, even the men want to look special. So, no longer do men want to settle for a formal suit – they want something just as elaborate as the ladies. This demand has actually lead to a revolution in men’s clothing and now there are not just sherwanis to choose from, but also several Indo-western fusion outfits.

This season, if you are shopping for the special man in your life, make sure that you pick something that is stylish, trendy and contemporary!

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