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The Import and Export Data of products and services engaged in trading activities are considered to be a crucial part of India’s economy. Shipment data of any country provides details of the authentic and active exporters and importers around the world. To find the shipment details, the traders or companies can search through HS Code, product name, or the global trading countries involved like USA, India, etc. Companies can find every detail accurately and identify all the suppliers, importers, buyers, and exporters. They can also get the pricing details of the product along with the value of items and goods that are engaged in trading activity. Businesses can even utilize the information to maintain a record of the commodities that are being exported and imported along with other information.

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Shipment data India provides accurate details that are based on the entry bills filled with customs. These bills contain details of:

  • Name and address of importers and exporters
  • Numbers of telephone and fax of these importers & exporters
  • Description of product that is being shipped
  • Shipment data for accuracy in receiving the item
  • Quantity of product
  • Price of the product present in the container
  • Duty
  • HS Codes for categorizing the product and more.

Companies can easily search these details while understanding the searching formats that are categorized under year-wise, port-wise, HS code-wise, country-wise, etc. headings.

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Through the Import and export shipment data, the business will also know about the top trading partners of India which are:

  • China
  • The US
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq

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Other than this information, traders also get a clear knowledge of the important Indian ports through which goods are exported and imported. The important ports of India through which the trading activities are performed include:

  • Bangalore ICD
  • Chennai (Madras Sea)
  • Bombay Port Trust
  • Kolkata Sea and Air
  • Delhi IGI Airport and so on.

The shipment data also provide details through which the traders and businesses can gain about the important commodities that are imported and exported by the country. The major importing products are coal, gold, petroleum, coke, and different chemical products. Other than these, the major products that are exported include mineral fuels, precious metals, machinery, pharmaceutical products, etc. Since India is regarded as a major developing market, various nations around the globe are keen to engage in trading activities while investing in India. These Indian export and import shipping data assist businesses in determining the country’s strategic advantage in the global marketplace.

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