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If you are a trader then you must be one the right place to get correct and genuine data to increase your trading business. Here we will help with Boot and shoes import data. All the data we have is collected from the various ports of India where these products are imported from all over the world. India imports most of the Boots and shoes from other countries. Earlier the import duty of shoes and some category of footwears were 25% but later it was increased to 35% and on some category of shoes, it was increased to 20% from 15%.

India is the second-largest global producer after China and for that, it imports various types of raw material from all over the world. In India, most of the footwear is produced in the following cities and these cities are also the major Boot and importers in India. These cities are Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Faridabad, Agra, Jalandhar, Calicut, Delhi, Sonipat, Ludhiana, Karnal Kanpur. 95% of footwear produced in these cities is for domestic demand. In India, footwears are produced in the following category-

  • Leather footwears
  • Non-leather footwears
  • Leather shoes 

Boot and shoes import trade data

Boot and shoes import data contain all the necessary data that is required by the importer or the exporting country or the foreign trade agencies that are involved in these trade agreements to import boots and shoes. The import trade data of Boots and shoes contain below-written details which you can easily get on our website and will help you a lot in your business.

  • Date of shipping
  • HS Code
  • Product description
  • Origin country
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Per unit rate
  • Total value
  • Name of Importer country
  • Name of exporter country
  • Mode of transportation
  • Port of discharge
  • Import port

All the data is given by the customs department of India. 

Boots and shoes Importers in India

In the year 2020 – 2021 India imported footwear worth rupees 158.9 dollars. In India, there is a huge demand for shoes, Boots, Slippers, and many more types of footwear and to complete this demand India imports footwear from 74 countries.

Top 10 countries from where India imports shoes and boots

  • China ( 49.9 million USD)
  • USA( 31.55 million USD)
  • Vietnam (19.95 million USD)
  • Italy (6.41 million USD)
  • Canada ( 4.55 million USD)
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • China, Hong Kong

The imports of boots and shoes increase in India by 12.5% from 2014 to 2018. Only in 2017 import percentage grew by 3.28% which is around 396.89 million USD

Vietnam Export Data

Major ports used to import boots and shoes in India 

  • Delhi airport
  • Sahar air cargo
  • Banglore ICD port
  • Banglore airport
  • Chennai airport
  • Chennai seaport
  • Kolkata seaport
  • Patparganj ICD port
  • The dry port ICD and Ahmedabad port

There are many other ports like these in India where the shipping of imported shoes and various types is being collected.

How to become an importer of boot and shoes 

Most of the countries have their export-import policies and to become a trader one must have to agree with the government policies of that country. To become a trader of foreign countries Indian traders have to register their name in the list of the importer in that country which is kept under the data of the foreign trade government. To become an importer of any country is a one-time process and the renewal of this process is as per the foreign trade policies of that country.

Importers of boots and shoes also have to contact the government agencies of a particular country while importing items to verify their one-time registration details. They also have to mutually agree with all the other details of the product like price, quantity, quality, specifications of shoes like its shape and size, etc, mode of payment, mode of transport, shipment date, import port any all the basic details which is required by the importer about their products.

In India importers of boots and shoes have to fill all the data of import either online or at the customs department of India. All the required documents are pre-verified before releasing the imported shoes and boots like the bill of landing, proper airline bill, etc. If anyone of the documents are missing then the importers of shoes and boots can take them from the authorities import agencies of that country.

Besides all the necessary documents like bill and shipments detail the most important document for the importer of footwear is a certificate of Origin. Certificate of Origin is most important as based on this document import duties and taxes are determined. This certificate is the primary proof of imported footwear. 

Shoes and boots importer in India

In India, there are many companies from all over India that imports boots and shoes as per their local demand and as per the need of industries. Some industries only import raw materials like shole of shoes, the raw material of Boots, heel, laces of shoes, etc. Boots and shoes are imported in various categories in India these categories are:-

  • Synthetic footwears
  • Rubber footwears
  • Protective
  • Plastic footwears
  • Footwear straps
  • Footwear machinery
  • Anti-static Footwear
  • Acupressure footwears
  • Disposable Slippers

These are the top importers of Boots in India


Companies that import shoes and boots in India are:-

  • M. Overseas based in Jodhpur
  • Classic International based in Ranchi
  • Acupressure health mart based in Mumbai
  • Axis Enterprise based in Ludhiana
  • Sameer collection based in Mumbai
  • Shakti sales based in Mumbai

Some more importers of Boots and shoes in India are:-

  • Azmat traders import rubber soles, ankle boots, slip-on, rubber footwears, etc
  • Aditya Impex specially deal in shoes, rain boots, casual boots, ankle boots, safety boots, etc
  • Celio future fashion Ltd
  • deals in rain boots, safety boots, slip, Rubber PVC slippers, etc
  • Cromwell industrial supplies Pvt. Ltd deals in boots and plastic boots
  • Roquette ridhi sidhi Pvt. Ltd
  • Adishwar corporation good importer of leather, boots

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