Reveal The Princess Within You!

Most of us have grown up listening to fairy tales, in which a beautiful princess goes to the ball, dressed in a gorgeous gown and dances with the charming and handsome princess. Each of us has dreamt of becoming that princess, and we have also wanted that stunning gown, because somewhere deep down in our hearts, we too want to have our fairy tale!

indian wedding gowns

The gown has existed since the 14th century, and ever since, newer versions of the same have emerged on the scene, but every time the gown has been seen as an outfit of celebration and opulence. Even today, the gown is associated with special events and it is not seen as an outfit that you would wear on a regular basis. Whether it is a ball gown or a wedding gown, it is an outfit that describes a sense of royalty and for the lady wearing it, the feeling is quite regal too.

These days, gowns have become a lot more accessible, because a large number of designers are choosing to design them opting for lighter fabrics, making them easier to wear and carry. As a matter of fact, the younger generations are looking for such gowns that they can wear for school and college events. Net, georgette and chiffon are popular fabrics for these kinds of gowns, and the slightly heavier versions will have embellishments or embroidery work done on them.

However, if you are looking for a gown that you can wear for a more important occasion such as an engagement party or your own wedding, then you would obviously want something that is a lot heavier. These days, catering to the Indian taste, designers have started using Bangalore silk and even brocade to create stunning gowns. These gowns are a great choice for the modern day bride to be, who wants something modern, but without having to compromise on the traditions.

If you are lucky enough, you could find a designer who will use an existing brocade or silk saree and use that to create a gown that is truly couture. By matching it with fabrics that work and ensuring that the colour scheme compliments your skin tone, you could probably have a gown that has been made exclusively for you, and will never be seen on anyone else! What else could a princes want!


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