Presenting Nowthistime Latest Collection – Shatranj

Almost 1500 years back, some people in India decided to create a game that was played on a wooden board with pieces that were inspired by a king’s army. The pieces would move on a black and white checker board and allowed for hours of entertainment for the two people playing the game. Till date, the game of chess remains one of intelligence and strategy, but little would have people guessed that the game could also lead to a revolution in the fashion industry.

Shatranj kurtis collection

Presenting Nowthistime latest collection – Shatranj, inspired by the game of chess! As the name would suggest the collection is mainly black and white, but in no way is the collection drab and dull. There are plenty of geometric prints and the silhouettes are extremely modern, making the pieces of this collection an ideal choice for office and semi-casual wear. There are also plenty of colourful hues in the collection, which means that this would be a great choice for the summers.

Nowthistime latest collection

The great thing about this collection is that there are plenty of mix and match pieces – kurtas, kurtis, pants and leggings, there is so much on offer in this collection and no matter what all you pick out, you will be able to create multiple combinations with it. The prints have been chosen with a lot of care and are great additions to any wardrobe – if you are someone who loves simple yet elegant outfits, this will be a collection that you will certainly fall in love with. And if you are someone who likes to make style statements without putting too much effort or using loud colours and prints, then you will definitely want to pick up something from Shatranj!

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