Pattern Mix Kurtis Collection

Sometimes you need to be dresses in a specific manner – for instance, if you are going to an official meeting, you will be expected to wear solid colours or pin stripes. When you are headed to a special occasion with the family, you will be expected to dress in silks and gold bordered outfits. however, there are times when you want to dress up only and only for yourself and it is for those very days that we have created the Pattern Mix collection. Part of Shree’s Spring Summer Collection, this is a set of kurtas that will surely appeal to your whimsical side.

kurti pattern 2020

This collection is what spring and summer are all about – it’s a riot of colours, a heady mix of patterns and prints and just plain simple fun. The colours used in the collection are predominantly bright – there are plenty of pinks, blues and reds and the bases have been kept lighter, so that the colours have the best foundation to be showcased on. And as for the prints and patterns, there is no one that is constant – if one kurta has floral prints scattered all over, another has a patchwork quilt like design. The material used is such that it will keep your comfortable even on the longest summer days. The silhouettes are easy and have been kept simple, so that the chaos or prints and patterns can shine!

pattren mix collection

So when you want your whimsy and fun side come out, choose a kurta from the Pattern Mix collection!

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