List of top 10 products exported from India

Looking at global trade, we have got so many answers that, this trade is based on the efficiency of the country in producing the goods. Every country imports items from another country that is very efficient in manufacturing those items. So, there is always a question that arises in our mind that which product is mostly being exported from India. Then this blog will help you to figure out which products are more profitable as well as which ones Indis exports most in the world. 

1. Refined Petroleum 

The refining petroleum industry plays an important part in the Indian economy, with the private sector accounting for about 38 % of total capacity. Despite being an importer of crude oil, India has become the next exporter of petroleum products after focusing on investment in refineries designed for export.

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2 . Mineral Fuels 

India currently exploits and processes up to 87 types of minerals, including 04 kinds of fuel minerals. 10 metallic minerals, 47 types of nonmetals and26 other minerals which even include minerals for the construction industry. 

3 . Gems & Precious stones

India is one of the world’s leading countries in producing, exporting, and consuming gemstones and jewelry. UAE, USA, Russia, Singapore, Hongkong, Latin America, and China are the main markets to import this kind of goods from India. 

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4. Machinery and Mechanical appliances  

Currently, India has become the largest tractor manufacturer in the world with 13 tractor manufacturing units, providing one–third of global tractor production. . The Indian mechanical industry also produces a self-propelled combine harvester and a tractor-driven harvester. Supplying about 700-800 units annually. The country has also made all kinds of diesel engines, electric motors, and agricultural machines. 

5. Cars

India’s automotive industry has grown positively and has attracted domestic as well as foreign automakers. Firms have long-term investment, marketing, and consumption plan to increase market share in production and consumption in this market. 

6. Organic Chemicals

In India, we are pleased to increasing the urbanization process and increasing disposable income per capita, some important industrial sectors of this second-most populous country in Asia, including chemical production, have strong growth prospects.

Major export markets with organic, inorganic, and agrochemicals: USA, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil.

7. Pharmaceutical Products 

Indian Pharmaceuticals are exported to over 200 countries around the world, but mainly the US, Germany, Russia, The United Kingdom, and China markets. The industry employs about 3,40,000 workers along with 4,00,000 doctors and 3,00,000 pharmacists.

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8 . Electrical Machinery and equipment 

India exports machinery, equipment, technical solutions, and services in the electronic sector such as manufacturing, transmission, distribution of electricity, electricity-electronics, renewable energy, automotive electricity, automation. 

9. Iron & Steel 

Currently, many steel producers increase imports of steel from India, mainly hot rolled steel.

10. Cotton 

The Indian cotton textile industry stands out in the world due to factors such as abundant availability, competitive production cost, vertically integrated production facilities, diverse product range, flexibility volume. Each year, India supplies the world market with 25% of cotton and raw materials, reaching a value of about 100 billion USD per year of cotton products, synthetic, textiles to 66 countries.

The above-given products are the top mostly exported goods all over the world by India. There plenty of other goods are being exported from India, Like: Clothing, cereals, kinds of seafood, etc. With that India is improving its GDP and hence creating a good impact in International markets and making the footprints as among the biggest exporter country around the globe. 


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