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The capital of Kenya is Nairobi. Kenya is the South Central part of the city. It is surrounded by Highlands with an elevation of 5000 feet. Kenya is an independent city surrounded by a municipality. What is the business growth of Kenya? The import-export of Kenya differs by various products. There are various products depends on Kenya import-export data. The detailed information about Kenya shipment data and Kenya custom data is given in this blog. Have a look below and know the detail regarding this.

Basic terminologies for international business

What is import-export data? Import-export is related to international business. The goods and services produced in our country and exported in another country using the port is export. The data extracted from it is known as exported data. Simultaneously import is the goods and services produced in some other country and are being supplied to our country. The data calculated is known as import-export data. Kenya import-export data also works simultaneously.

Shipment data is the track that will give you the exact record of the product. The Kenya shipment data depends upon the mastery of shipping cost. The use of social media platforms is used for creating an accurate and comprehensive shipping profile.

Kenya custom data is stored in a unique app by default. It includes user ID, several purchases, installs date which identify the creation of the issue.

Skills needed for international business

There are certain skills required to have international business. Have a look below.

  • Communication skill across culture is important. A diverse workplace and different backgrounds of the different countries need some understanding and indispensable skills.
  • The networking ability for international businesses to develop networks of connection outside your home country is essentials.
  • Collaboration is required for success in international business. Without collaboration, the business will not run.
  • Adaptive thinking will thrive the environment as well as success in international business. The emotional intelligence for critical skills and self-awareness will control the emotions.

For Kenya, import-export data international business is a part of it.

The top importer of Kenya

Kenya’s export-import data depends on certain factors and products. The following data will show the top importer or partner of Kenya in 2020.


China is the country imports maximum product or goods to Kenya. In 2020 it imported USD 3.5 million goods to Kenya.


Kenya received USD 1,706 million services from India in 2020. It is the second-highest service received.


United States Emirates has a total of USD 1,632 million goods and services imported to Kenya.

Other countries

Kenya imports export data being the part, but other countries like United States, Indonesia, Germany, Egypt.

The top import partner of Kenya is South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.

The Kenya custom data and trade statistics depend upon these countries. It shows 68% of the total Kenya shipment data record in 2020. A total of 67.5% of imports were purchased from Asian countries. The European country supplied 15% of goods to Kenya. On the other hand, the African countries originated 11% of products to Kenya. Remaining Latin America including the Caribbean produces 3% of products.

Kenya top exporter

In 2020 the estimated figure was the US $3.4 billion of total products exported from Kenya. The value has decreased as compared to the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The total Kenya custom data for various products are mentioned below.

Flowers and plants

The life of trees, flower cuts, and plants has a specialty of Kenya. It imported the U.S. $779 million which is 22.6% of total export annually. Kenya shipment data for these products give a huge profit.

Spices and coffee

Coffee, spices, tea, other products of spices shared $612 million or 17.8% of total export. Kenya import-export data works on various strategies and knowledge.

Accessories and clothing

The accessories and clothing share $303.7 million or 8.8% of total export.

Vegetable product

The vegetable products, fruits shares $116.4 million or 3.4% of total GDP. The vegetable includes $225 million or 6.5% of the total exported product annually.

Talking about other products Kenya shipment data also import tobacco, oilseeds, accessories, knit Clothing. It shares US dollars seventy million or 2%, dollar 65 million or 1.9%, $ 191 million or 5.6% respectively on the exported product.

The most important imported products to Kenya are electrical machinery, the machinery of mechanical appliances, plastic, iron and steel, mineral oil, and fuel.

Advantages of Kenya import data

The advantages of Kenya’s import-export data are given below. The import data is related to the product description. The actual product description is maintained in the import data. For export data, no actual production is included.

  • The Kenya custom data always have some route either airport or sea.
  • The monthly update of Kenya import data is also mandatory. Without proper updating, the business of import and export will not work.
  • The Kenya shipment data or Kenya custom data have their beneficiaries.
  • The overseas supplier and importer of Kenya have some advantages.
  • The HS code is available in digits. For Kenya import-export data the code are 2, 4, 6, eight.

What does import-export data include?

Kenya import-export data or Kenya shipment data or Kenya custom data include the following.

  • Importers and exporters name which is mandatory for international business.
  • A complete description of the item is also mandatory. Without the complete description, the customer cannot avail the detail.
  • The Kenya shipment data and Kenya custom data will provide the date of shipment of the particular product.
  • HS code is also mandatory to identify which goods and services have been exported or imported.


Till now you are aware of Kenya import-export data, Kenya shipment data, and Kenya custom data. All these are part of business globally. Every international business requires the above-mentioned point. Flourish your business with skills and talent to have benefited from it. Business is a risk if you take a risk you can grab it better. Read this blog and understand the basic criteria to be fulfilled while proceeding to international business.

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