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The termIndian traders” comes from the term “Indian Trade,” which refers to those who operate in the trading sector. Imports are items brought to India through Indian traders from some other country. Export, on the other hand, is the sale of goods by Indian traders with another country while maintaining connections with Indian producers or export companies in India.

Both of these activities contribute a lot to the growth and downfall of the country’s gross domestic product. From recent survey reports, it has been revealed that export of goods and services contributed 19.74% to the country’s GDP while the imports had 23.64% contribution to the gross domestic product. The trade-related information is largely collected from Indian traders who work for export companies in India. All customs authorities at ports, as well as shipping and logistics companies, are approached to seek genuine import and export data with supplier names.

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Indian Traders

Indian traders find the country to be an embattled marketplace due to its vast inhabited region where they can easily carry on an enormous global business. This is why export companies in India are linked to the cottage and small-scale enterprises that can help the country’s foreign commerce. Best known for its spices and seasonings, Indian traders involved with this sector are always in a rush due to huge demand in some particular nations. Indian export-import data thus offers trade information that gives an idea about the market movements, and the available rates. With it, the export data with supplier names and the details of goods and companies that are exchanging effortlessly for smooth functioning of the foreign trade activities are also found.

Usually, export companies in India have a competing situation among them to obtain a great place in the market as the products sold are from realistic prices, unlike any other nations where things are extremely expensive. From these import-export data of India, Indian traders are kept informed about the most recent offerings or advancements that are made among vendors and manufacturer’s services and goods, as well as with the information of the buyers from other countries.

Export Companies in India

Among the large export companies of India, four of them specialize in petroleum-related sectors. Along with them, the two most prominent Indian automobile manufacturers are also seen to have a rank holding position among the country’s ten good exporters. In context to a global scale, to put the success of significant export companies in India, the entire value of exports can be seen to have increased by 22.5 percent from US$ 263.9 billion in 2015 to US 323.5 billion dollars in 2019. Thereby the Indian traders state that the international sales of exported commodities had a downfall by -0.2% from 2018 to 2019.

Some of the largest export companies in India have been listed below, which are categorized by asset value. Along with it, the principal industry in which each of these companies works has been indicated through parenthesis. Even the change that has occurred in the asset value of the export companies in India from December 2018 to December 2019 has also been mentioned.

  • Reliance Industries (gas, oil): US$ 147.2 billion (increase by 17.6 % from the previous year).
  • Oil & Natural Gas (gas, oil): US 72.6 billion dollars (up by 10.8%)
  • Indian Oil (gas, oil): US 47.1 billion dollars (up by 1.1%)
  • Tata Motors (truck, car maker): US 42.4 billion dollars (down by -4.9%)
  • Tata Steel (steel, iron): US 42.4 billion dollars (up by 28.8%)
  • Mahindra & Mahindra (truck/car maker): US 23.5 billion dollars (up by 89.5%)
  • Coal India (diversified mining, metals): US 19.7 billion dollars (up by 10.7%)
  • Steel Authority of India (steel, iron): US 17.2 billion dollars (down by -3.4%)

Few of these export companies in India grew their asset values during the period 2018-2019, with the maximum percentage led by Mahindra & Mahindra, Taka Steel, and Reliance Industries.  Whereas the export companies in India that had to suffer reductions in the size of asset year over year were Tata Motors and Steel Authority of India.

Export Data with Supplier Name

While dealing with Indian traders and important export companies in India, this article also focuses on export data with supplier names. The export data with supplier name includes information of the supplier name, address, and contact details. With it, Indian traders can also get details on the export harmonized code, quantity of product, unit of quantity, export FOB value in both INR and US$, FOB unit rate in INR, date of export, port of destination as well as of origin, country of destination and lastly the mode the transportation. Indian traders may learn about India’s biggest export trading partners by looking just at export data with supplier names. Not only that but the major ports through which the mode of transportation is accomplished may also be found. JNPT, Nhavasheva, Bombay, Delhi Air, Mundra, Kandla, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Tughlakabad, and other major ports are involved in the export of automobile components from India.


Indian Trade data is mostly collected from Indian traders that are involved with export and import data. These data are obtained from every shipment that moves out and comes to India. Export data with supplier names, and also export companies in India can be easily retrieved in detail from the import-export data. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Indian Traders for Indian Import Export Data.

Moreover, brief information on the exported goods worth in the financial year of 2020-21 can be obtained that states that India had exported goods of 256 billion USD and registered a de-growth by 12.17%. The trade deficit which could be registered was around 88 billion compared to that of 161 billion in the period 2019-20. Thus it can largely be stated that Indian trade data is all based on facts, figures, and statistics that reveal and everything about the Indian import-export business.

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