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The Directorate General of Foreign Trade or DGFT updates the HS Code list in India. It will be intimated on their official website and will be available with the customs department of India. If you know the code, you can also get the product name. Such HSN Code search tools are available over the web. The top 10 export-import data service providers have tools for exporters, importers, shipping agencies, clearing and forwarding agents. They have the latest updated list. Thus, your HS Code list searches offline and online ends here. It will help your accounts, billing, and tax filing with codes easier.

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What is HSN?

World Customs Organization or WCO introduced HSN or Harmonized System Code in the year 1988. They have given various codes for each product in international trading as listed by WTO. The HS Code comes under six, eight, and ten digits. When you do an HSN Code search online, you will come across such variations in HS Codes. Thus, you must search HS Code by exact5 product name to get the accurate ones. It will help your goods to pass the customs check. Here, they need not go through a detailed shipping invoice. Thus, there are more than five thousand HSN codes. A product name you search will come under a code. The harmonized system of nomenclature or HSN is set as a standard to identify goods in foreign trade. Thus, HS Code list search is common to find among traders and allied partners in international trading.

HS Code Classifications

HS Code is of six digits and eight digits out of 10 digits codes. These are numeric representations with zero numbers too. Hence, the last two and four digits represent tariff or tax. It helps in tax calculation with a product in trade. When you do an HSN Code search, you will find they are classified in 99chapters and 21-sections. Thus, there are more than 5300 products, which are grouped in some heading and subheading. You can find them accurately in the HS Code list search online or offline. You can memorize them easily when you search and find many product codes under HS classification.

HS Codes Examples

Here, we have set some examples of the HS Code and its classifications.

  • HS Code 01 is for live animals
  • HS Code 010119 is for Horses
  • HS Code 010410 is for Sheep
  • HS Code 010420 is for Goats
  • HS Code 0105 is for Poultry

Here, you can find the first two digits or 01 for livestock is common. HSN Code search is possible to do by typing the livestock names. Your HS Code list search will have up to 25 categories.

Now, we have shown below some of the processed forms of livestock or live animal products. Your HSN Code search will start from 02 codes.

  • HS Code 020450 is for the meat of goats
  • HS Code 020690 is for frozen meats
  • HS Code 0209 is for poultry fats
  • HS Code 0210 is for edible meat in dried or salted forms
  • HS Code 021090 is for processed food meat

HS Code list search will go on for all live animals in processed forms. You must do an HSN Code search by animal’s names. It is advisable to check first with poultry animals. Thus, your HS Code list search will end in finding all HS Codes in processed forms of live animals in trade.

  • HS Code starting with 03 is for fish.
  • HS Code starting with 04 is for dairy products
  • HS Code starting with 05 is for animal products
  • HS Code starting with 06 is for tree, plants, and flowers
  • HS Code starting with 07 is for edible vegetables
  • HS Code starting with 08 is for edible fruits and nuts
  • HS Code starting with 09 is for tea, coffee, and spices
  • HS Code starting with 10 is for cereals

HSN Code search for the above-mentioned codes will have by product names. Either, its processed forms of goods do come under the respective product classification. Hence, the first two digits will remain the same for a product. The rest of the four numbers will change as they come under different subheadings. Thus, HS Code list search will go on, as there are five thousand plus products. WCO lists them and update them whenever changes occur.

How to find HS Codes?

HS Code search tools and apps are there to make HSN Code search easy and user-friendly. There are trade market research companies who offer HS Code list search for a fee and free too. You can download the HS Code list in PDF and Excel formats.

Many export-import agencies do offer free HSN Code search on their official website. They do this for trader’s education and knowledge purpose. The HS Code list search is on a toolbar. The HS Code is searchable by typing a product name in trading. You will get the accurate code in a few seconds. If you know the HS Code of a product, you can find the name of the product too.

The HS Code search toolbars are available on trading-related websites. They are shipping agencies, customs departments, C&F agents, and excise bodies present in your country. They offer it as a free tool online. You can find them on the top of such websites. They work 24/7 throughout the year. They do update any changes that are there in HS Codes.

Quoting the correct HS Code is essential for exporters and importers. The WCO updates Harmonized System Code whenever innovative products come into the market. It is why HSN Code search is common to find with traders, market researchers, and logistic companies across this world. It is because; there are more than 200 nations in foreign trade. Thus, the related people search HS Code with the WCO website, respective customs department, international trade related websites. They all need 100% authentic and the latest updated HS Code list online or in hard copy forms. Here, they find them easily in online HS Codes search tools. HS Code list search is better to update as and when changes occur in codes.


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