How to Start an Import Export Business

Recent years have seen significant growth in India’s import export data of goods and services. This is why more startups and entrepreneurs are entering this sector. Many people jump in, but they don’t weigh the pros and cons. Instead of laughing their way to the bank, it becomes a nightmare.

How can you tell if your venture is ready for the Import Export data market? These are the things you should know.

Documents to import and export

For India’s Export and Import activities, businesses must submit a set document.

These documents include commercial documents, which are exchanged between buyer and seller, and regulatory documentation that deals with different regulatory authorities like the customs, excise, and licensing authorities, as well as the Export promotion body that helps to avail Export-Import benefits.

The Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020) requires the following commercial documents to be used for Importing or Exporting:

  • Airway bill or bill of lading;
  • Packing list for commercial invoices
  • Indian shipment data bill, bill of export, or bill for entry (for imports).

As per the situation, additional documents such as a certificate of origin or inspection certificate might be required.

These are the most critical regulatory documents:

  • Return forms for GST (GSTR 1 & GSTR 2)
  • GSTR refund form
  • Exchange Control Declaration;
  • Certificate of Bank Realization;
  • Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC).

The RCMC assists Importers and Exporters in obtaining benefits or concessions under the foreign trade policy 2015-20. This has been extended to September 30, 2021, to maintain a stable regime during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indian Customs Compliance Information Portal

CIP is a facilitation tool that allows interested parties to keep up-to-date with India’s customs authorities’ legal and procedural requirements (FSSAI), AQIS and PQIS, Drug Controller, etc.). For Indian Imports Exports data. This portal will give you complete information about all Import/Export requirements for all items included in the Customs Tariff. It will also make it easier to make cross-border trade.

To access the CIP portal, you can enter the Customs Tariff Heading or the description of the goods to obtain information about the steps and regulatory compliances required for both Imports and Exports. These include Import and Export via courier and posts, Import of samples, and reImport/reExport goods. You can also use the CIP portal to enter the description of the goods in question and get information on step-by-step procedures, regulatory compliances requirements like licenses, certificates, etc., for Imports and Exports.

A pan India map that shows all Customs seaports and airports in India is another essential feature of the CIP. It also includes the addresses and websites of all regulatory agencies.

Getting started


You must first have a business setup. In the initial stage, it is recommended that you open a sole proprietorship by registering for a Service Tax or VAT registration.

Get a PAN Card for your business.

After you have registered, you must obtain a PAN card from the Income Tax Department.

Open a current account.

Once you have received your PAN card and business registration, you will need to open a bank account at any commercial bank exclusively for your company.

Get the Import Export Code (IEC) issued.

Register for Import Export Code (IEC), online at the DGFT site

Documents required for Import Export Code (IEC).

Personal PAN card and Company PAN cards

Photograph of the applicant

Copy of canceled cheque taken from the current business account

To get an IEC code, a PAN card must be presented. Only one IEC can be assigned per PAN.

Registering for the Membership Certificate (RCMC).

To obtain authorization to import and export data india, or any other benefit, you will need an RCMC after you have obtained the IEC.

You can obtain an RCMC from around 26 Export Promotion Councils.

Once you have the IEC and RCMC, it is possible to set up an Import and Export company from India. It takes between five to seven days for all registrations to be completed.

Exporters have many opportunities.

There are many avenues to explore once you have mastered Import and Export. These are just a few of the many avenues that one can explore, as we’ll see below.

Explore online marketplaces you may have heard of and or, or marketplaces. This allows an Exporter to register as a vendor on their websites and connect to customers worldwide.

The internet acts as a bridge to allow exporters to export their products to customers thousands of kilometers away.

Explore international markets. Each country has its unique resources, so it must import specific resources. It is essential to determine what resources you can export to the country in need.ExchangeWhat you can import

If you are looking to trade in agricultural machinery, Brazil is the place to go. Brazil is the world’s leading producer of agricultural processing equipment. China is well-known for its electronic equipment. India’s most exported product in 2015 was diamonds and precious stones. This accounted for 14.7 percent of total exports.

  1. Explore the product opportunities

This does not mean you cannot import a high-demand item from India overseas if you export an Indian-made product. There are many product options that you can consider. Here are some examples:

Leather products India has been a leader in exporting leather products such as wallets, belts, and toys for many years. Many small and medium-sized businesses are already successfully doing this business. Medical appliances India is becoming a significant supplier of medical appliances around the globe. Manufacturers are building a reputation due to their quality and reliability. Gloves, bandages, and face masks are just a few of the medical devices that India exports.

Tobacco Import: The Export of tobacco is a significant source of revenue for India’s government. This tobacco also makes up a large part of Indian imports.


Although it is free to develop an idea, the key to a profitable business is executing it and making it a reality. Export import data india goods and services is always a good business idea. It will open up new opportunities for you and your country.


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