How to Easily find Import and Export data

India is in South Asia. India’s economy improved tremendously after it liberalized its economy in 1992. India’s GDP in FY21 was 2.71 trillion USD. India has attracted foreign investment around the world because of its large qualified population. India’s domestic market is well developed and extremely competitive. As per import-export data India exports 7500 products to 190 countries around the world and 6000 products from 140 countries.

Import-export data India helps traders involved in importing or exporting commodities formulate their business strategies. The data helps them understand changing trading patterns and predict customer preferences. Buyers and sellers can explore the database to look for alternative markets to purchase or sell their products. They decide their price and volume strategy for the product they trading in based on information in the database. They can monitor their competitors and customers.

According to Indian export-import data, the top trading partners of India are:-

  • China
  • The United States of America
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq

As per the Indian export-import data, the total trade between China and India was 77.67 billion USD. India imported goods worth 58.7 billion USD imports. India exported commodities worth 19 billion USD to China, exports rose by 11%. The total bilateral trade between India and the US was 75.95 billion USD. The bilateral trade and investment between India and the UAE was 60 billion USD.

As per import-export data India, in 2020-21 India imported commodities worth 389.18 billion USD and exported goods valued at 290.63 billion USD. The imports decreased by 18.02% and exports decreased by 7.62% from trade figures in 2019-20. Both imports and exports recovered in the fourth quarter imports in March rose to 48.12 billion USD and exports rose to 34 billion USD.

According to import-export data India top imported commodities in 2020-21 were:-

  • Mineral fuels, oils, and waxes (104 billion USD)
  • Electrical machinery and appliances (42 billion USD)
  • Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals, jewelry (41 billion USD)
  • Nuclear reactors, boilers, mechanical equipment. (35 billion USD)
  • Organic chemicals (16.1 billion USD).

India is heavily dependent on oil imports as it imports 83% of its oil requirements. But in 2020-21 oil imports slumped by 37% due to a fall in demand and non-oil imports contracted by 10.89%.

India’s top exported goods in 2020-21 were:-

  • Petroleum oil (26 billion USD)
  • Pharmaceuticals products (16.6 billion USD)
  • Diamonds (15.2 billion USD)
  • Rice (7.98 billion USD)
  • Jewelry (7.65 billion USD)

Pharmaceutical products exports rose by 18% in 2020-21. But fall in the export of commodities like petroleum oils, engineering, and precious stones led to an overall decrease in imports.

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