How do I get data for the pharmaceutical export and import?

The Indian market has a wide space for the export and import of pharmaceutical products. India is the largest provider of generic drugs at the international level. Indian market is the most demanding for the export and import of pharmaceutical products.

Indian pharmaceutical companies satisfy the need of 50% of global demand for various vaccines, 40% of generic demand in the US, and 25% of all medicine in the UK.

India plays the important role in the international market of pharmaceutical commodities According to the Indian shipment data and custom import data; India is leading the 3rd position in terms of pharmaceutical production by volume and ranking 14th position by value.

Through Indian shipment data and custom import data of pharmaceutical export and import, any industry can make a part of the success of the Indian market.

The data opens the door of opportunity for international trade by providing us the important details about the exporters and importers of India.

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 What is custom import data?

Custom import data is the market intelligence report of India’s all import activities. The data-based on the bill of lading, invoices, and other export-import documents that are filed by Indian customs authorities.

 Custom import data has the records of all shipments or containers that are imported at Indian seaport, airports, ICDs and CFS. The data can be extracted from the Indian ports and Indian customs authorities.

Custom Import data can be collected product-wise and country-wise as per the need. If you want to grow your international business of pharmaceuticals then you need to collect import and export data of pharmaceutical products.

Custom import data of pharmaceutical has the following field: –

  • Name and address of the importer, Telephone, Fax, Email, Contact Person details
  • Date of Shipment
  • HS Code
  • Product Description
  • Import Assessable value in INR and US$
  • Unit Rate INR & US$.
  • Quantity & Unit of quantity
  • Port of Origin (overseas port)
  • Port of Destination (Indian port)
  • Country of Origin
  • Mode of Shipment

The consequence of Custom import data of pharmaceutical: –

The custom import data is beneficial for both the exporters and importers. The data enhances the access of exporters to the new markets and new buyers for their products. Increasing exports lead to an increase in productions and finally, traders get succeed to extract maximum revenues from international treads.

Custom import data provides us the details of the importer, quantity of goods, and descriptions of products. Traders crack their best deal by the in-depth study of the data.

  • Information that we need to collect before entering in export and import activities with any company-
  • About the market trends and opportunity of growth with the selected country.
  • About the custom duties and taxes that the traders have to pay.
  • Preferences of the people and scope of international trade.
  • Need to gather information about the ports and shipments policies related to the selected countries.

The answer is only one – Custom imports data

The data also helps to track the activities of the competitors and make efficient strategies for the smooth running of the international trade. Traders can also improve the quality of the products to beat the competitors.

The information about the demand and supply of the products in the market lead traders to adjust their production and escape themselves from future loss.

Custom import data is also beneficial for the buyers to find trustworthy suppliers for importing the products. Custom imports data is a useful source for the local importer to take part in the international market.

Export data of pharmaceutical: –

Export data is the consolidated report of all export activities of any country. The export data contains the details of all exporters, date of shipment, product description, destination country, port name, date of the shipment and etc.

The details of exporters work as a boon for the importers and exporters. Through export data, exporters can extract the important details to run their business effectively.

Custom import data and Export provide all the nitty-gritty of the Indian market. Export or custom import data keeps the trader updated about the changing trends and people preferences.

Custom import data and export data of pharmaceutical both can be collected from the government bodies, trade association, and customs authorities. To reduce the workload of gathering the information, you can hire the data provider’s company.

What is Indian shipment data?

Indian shipment data is another important aspect to spread the international trade of pharmaceuticals. The shipment data is the record of the arrival and departure of the goods at the ports.

Traders can collect the data from shipping firms and logistics-based government departments. Indian shipment data provides sufficient details about the supply chain of the goods to escape traders from future losses.

Indian shipment data has the all-important details about shipping charges and shipping characteristics of the cargo. Further, the data provides information on freight weight, cubic metrics, shipper’s destination, destination, delivery number, start date, and date of arrival, and so on.

Indian shipment data offers the traders an overview of overall freight transport, loading, and unloading cost. The data is beneficial to make strategies related to export and import costs to any country and draft perfect business strategies.

Indian shipment data is beneficial to find out the estimated cost and profit if we are engaged in the international trade of any products with any country. The Indian shipment data of pharmaceuticals helps the traders to find out the shipping cost of Cargo and possible profits that can be earned.

Indian shipment data provides users the tremendous flexibility to search data by country, by import, by HS code, or by-product description. The users only filter data to find out the relevant data for the growth of the business.

Gather authentic and relevant import data for the expansion of your business globally.  A good and time-saving option is to hire a data provider company and get updated custom imports data or export data to make better strategies to win the game of international trade.

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