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Uganda is a country which is situated in East Africa. It is surrounded by four directions the north is surrounded by Sudan, south by Tanzania, and east by Kenya. Every country has its export as well as an import business. The export and import business depends upon the GDP. In this blog, you will know in detail about Uganda’s import data. Apart from this, you will also understand Uganda import shipment data and Uganda custom import data. The main focus will be on the import data. 

Some basic terminologies 

Before you read this blog you must know some basic terminologies which are used in it. This will help you to understand it in a better way.

  • Import: Import is the term related to financial transactions of international trade. Import is the receiving country of goods and services which are being exported from other countries. Uganda import data will be mentioned here.
  • Shipment: Shipment is the place where goods are being sent. The Uganda import shipment data also have its place in Uganda.
  • Custom: The custom data is export and import of data which is imported as well as exported from Uganda or another country. The custom data will excel the business exporter and importer and will analyze the trade business as well. Uganda custom import data will be discussed here. 

Import Data of Uganda

In 2019 Uganda’s import data was 6669 USD million across the globe. The top import data of Uganda are as follows.

 Minerals and oil

Shows the figure of USD 1318 million. This is almost 20% of the total imported products. 

Nuclear reactor

The nuclear reactors, machinery, and boilers extract the figure of USD 530 million which is 8% of the total import products. 


Vehicles and other railway industries execute the data of USD 496 million which is 7.4% of the total exported products. 

Electronic equipment

The electrical, as well as electronic equipment, share data of USD 407 million which is equal to 6.1% of the total export products. 

Iron and steel product

The iron and steel product shares a total import of USD 360 million which is 5% of the export products. The Uganda import data always show exact data. 

Animal product

The animal product, vegetable fats, and oil imported share data 3.7% which is USD 248, Million. 

Plastics and pharmaceutical Product

The pharmacy product and the plastic product imported in Uganda is USD 274 million or 4.1%And 329 million or 4.9% respectively.

These are Uganda’s import data reports for 2019. Similarly, Uganda custom import data and Uganda import shipment data have their source. 

Uganda Custom Data

Uganda custom import data helps analyze what Uganda is importing and exporting. It also defines the relationship and information between trades. Uganda trade data is known as custom data and another type of Uganda import shipment data.

The Uganda custom import data comprises of date, importer address and name, exporter address and name, export country destination country, HS code, and description. 

Top import partners of Uganda

Uganda custom imported data import partners of 2019 are as follows.


The value of goods imported from China to Uganda in 2019 was USD 1250 million. The Uganda import shipment data also have its benefit.


In a similar case for India, the imported product from India to Uganda in 2019 was USD 850 million.

UAE and Kenya

The goods imported from the United Arab Emirates and Kenya are USD 820 million and USD 768 million respectively.

Tanzania and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Tanzania have shared the goods with Uganda. The 2019 data says it had USD 429, million and USD 470, million respectively. 

Other countries

The rest of Uganda’s customs import data countries of 2019 are South Africa with USD 380 million, Japan with 300 million and the least is Indonesia with USD 185 million.


Uganda import date of 2020

Due to COVID-19 the import and export of goods and services have reduced drastically. In 2020 the Uganda import data decreased to 730 million USD ask compared to 830 million. The total increase in the imported product was by 11%. Below you will get the list of top importers and data. 

Import data 

The Uganda custom import data or Uganda import data have its specialty every year.

  • Minerals and oil products showed 19% growth in 2020.
  • The machinery and nuclear reactors showed a 7.9% total growth of import in 2020.
  • Vehicles and various tramways or railways share 7.4% of total imports.
  • The electronics and electrical equipment share 6.1% of total imports.

From the above data, we can say that the import of machinery, vehicles has increased to 1 billion USD. 

Benefits of Uganda data

There are certain benefits of Uganda Import data or Uganda custom import data. 

Competition spirit

Every business requires competition and competitors will always keep an eye on you. Hence Uganda imports shipment data have that competitive spirit. 

International importers

International importers will check the measure export item produced in Uganda. It decides the list of active supplier.

Financial institution

Financial institutions like banks act as a mediator for export and import business for the international country.



The global ports in Uganda provide logistic forms which keep the track of Uganda imports shipment data in various ports and increase their customer.


Latest data report

Certain companies keep eye on the latest Uganda import data and export data. They will give you the clear, authentic, and updated report required. Some markets also analyze the shipping records.


These are some of the benefits of Uganda import data along with Uganda custom import data and Uganda import shipment data. 


Every business has its own identity. Every business required the best results and profit. Similar cases with Uganda how Uganda import data affects the country. All the known facts are given in this blog like Uganda custom import dataUganda imports shipment data, and Uganda import data. “Business is of all various form and style you need to detect that style to flourish your business and keep eye on your competitors”.


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