Bianca Collection

When you are trying to create a brand new summer wardrobe, there are some things that you will have to keep in mind – you want colours that are light, because dark colours will make you feel warmer and perhaps even slightly uncomfortable during the hot days. You want to choose fabrics that will keep you feeling light and comfortable and not make you sweat unnecessarily. You will also want to look at clothes that give you that breezy feel, especially if you are planning to wear the outfit for most part of the day, such as when you go to office.

Off-White & Teal Cotton Floral Kurta With Pant

Summers are the time when you want plenty of pastel shades, floral prints and cotton fabric in your wardrobe, and because we at Shree understand the thought process of the modern Indian woman, we bring to you our latest Spring Summer collection named Bianca! Bianca meaning white and shining, which is why this collection has only whites, off-whites and beiges as the base. The base provides a framework for the floral and paisley prints in the same colours that you would find in nature.

Pink Cotton Floral Kurta With Pant

The collection will be the breath of fresh air that your summer wardrobe needs with plenty of contemporary silhouettes and kurtas and kurtis that will make you look and feel great, through every hot and sultry summer day!

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