The Story Of My Stunning Banarasi Silk Bridal Lehenga

Like a lot of other girls, from the time I was little, I loved to dress up in my mother’s clothes, especially her saree. As I grew up, I started falling in love with her special occasion sarees, especially her traditional silk ones. But it was her wedding saree that I was most in love with and my mother promised me, that I could have it. After all, I was her only child – who else would she give it to! And when my wedding got fixed, I knew it was time to ask my mother to keep her promise. The only problem was that I wanted a Banarasi silk bridal lehenga and my mother had a wedding saree.

Banarasi silk bridal lehenga

For most people, this would be a situation of worry – I know of girls, who wanted to wear a lehenga for their wedding, but wanted to use their mother’s saree too, because they were so in love with it. Obviously, in such a situation, they would feel confused, not knowing what to do. I however, had no such problems, because my mother had given me full rights to do whatever I wanted to do with her wedding saree and I knew that I was going to transform it into my stunning Banarasi silk bridal lehenga.

Even though I knew that I wanted to use my mother’s wedding saree for my lehenga, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. I knew that I had a lot of work to do, because I needed to get that stunning saree transformed into the gorgeous lehenga that I had envisioned in my mind and for this I knew that I needed professional help. Thankfully, I had a designer friend, who was all set for the challenge that I was about to throw at her. She not only helped me pick out fabrics that would help me create the Banarasi silk bridal lehenga that I wanted to wear for my wedding, she also gave me great ideas on how to jazz up the saree that once my mother adorned at her wedding.

Since the banrasi silk saree was in a deep maroon, we decided that beige would go really well with it. my designer friend suggested that I go with an anarkali style top for the lehenga, and she not only sourced the exact shade of beige silk for the top, but also the same coloured net for the length of the top. The saree was more than enough to create a wonderful lehenga and when I walked out in my Banarasi silk bridal lehenga, I knew that my mother was the happiest!

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