The Saree That You Had Always Dreamt Of Will Now Become A Reality

For years, women have treasured sarees that they have been handed down by their grandmothers and mothers or they have loving chosen from a sea of sarees. Whether they are sarees made from traditional fabrics such as silk and cotton or more modern materials such as chiffon and georgette, there is often an emotional attachment that women have to the sarees they own.

There is a reason that people say that no outfit looks better on an Indian woman than the saree. The nine yards of fabric, when draped around a woman’s body is not only traditional, but also evokes a sense of sensuality, which is understated yet evident. It comes as no surprise, that even today, when there is an event, where a woman wants to look truly gorgeous, she will consider a saree! Today, the humble saree has become a global phenomenon and women from all over the world are opting for the saree, when it comes to choosing the outfit for a special occasion.

However, for years, the sarees have remained pretty much the same, and even Indian bridal sarees have been in the same colours and the same traditional prints and motifs. When you think wedding sarees, there have been the staple colour choices such as reds, maroons, yellows and oranges. Even in the most exclusive shops, you would get bridal sarees only in silks – you could take your pick from Banarasi, Kancheepuram, Patola and so on. The sarees would mostly have traditional motifs or prints such as mango or peacock.

designer sarees for wedding party

The modern day bride is extremely conscious about the way she wants to look on her wedding day, because she is aware of the fact that this is one of the most important days in her life. More importantly, in the world that we live in today, which is heavily influenced by social media, she wants to look her most spectacular and for that she knows that the sarees that she might find in her mother’s or grandmother’s favourite store will not do.

That is why the modern bride who knows what she wants, comes to us at IndiaEmporium! This is home to some of the most cutting edge fashion and this is also the place where all your fashion dreams come true. This is where you can come with just an idea in your mind and walk away with that dream creation. Over the years, we have spent time and resources in bringing together a team of extremely talented designers, tailors and embroidery and handwork experts, who can cut, stitch and weave whatever it is that your heart desires. So, when we say that we offer you designer sarees for wedding, we can actually offer you a saree that is designed especially for you. As a matter of fact, if there is any particular colour that you fancy or a certain type of embroidery you want, we can make it happen for you.

designer sarees for wedding

Gone are the days when you had to stick to the traditional colours; these days, brides are becoming a lot more experimental when it to comes to the colours of their wedding day sarees. So whether you are looking for a deep purple saree with silver thread work or want a royal blue saree with stone work, at IndiaEmporium, we can make a reality for you. Our embroidery artists are so talented that they can bring to life any image or idea that you put across them. Whether you want musicians and their musical instruments or you want a floral garden created on your wedding saree, they will be able to do it.

And with magic of internet, the entire process of getting your own saree designed is incredibly easy – you come to our website and you have a chat with one of the members from our design team. You talk to them, telling them what kind of saree it is that you have envisioned for yourself. You discuss the occasion, the colours you want to play around, what kind of fabric you would like and what kind of work has caught your attention. Our designers are so experienced, they will know exactly what questions to ask, to ensure that you have a dream saree. They will ask you the time of the year you need the saree so that they can suggest the perfect material for the weather, they will ask you the occasion, so that they can suggest how dressy or understated it should ideally be and so on. Being experienced designers, they know how to go beyond the typical designer sarees for wedding party and create something that is new and unique. So, whether you are looking for a regular saree or something more modern like a lehenga saree, we are the people for you!

Indian bridal sarees

Once all the details have been finalised, our design team will get down to work; their first step being creating some rough sketches, which will be shared with you. This will give you a fair idea of what your final product will look like and this will also be the stage where you will be able to make any and all changes. Whether you want the embroidery reworked or you want to try out a different colour combination, you will be able to do it all at this point of time. Once you have given the final nod for the design, the team will start working on bringing your dream to life. At every stage, you will be updated via email, because you will be sent pictures of the progress – from swatches of the embroidery or handwork to how the colour combination is in real fabric. And when the saree is ready, we will ship it to your doorstep, no matter where your door is!

Now, there will be several women who will say that a saree is fine – you can have it designed online and chances are that it will be good. But a saree would be complete, only when you have a matching blouse that fits you well – how do you get a blouse designed online? There would be apprehensions about whether the blouse will fit and whether it will allow for the perfect drape of the saree and in most cases, these apprehensions would be well founded, except when you are at IndiaEmporium. This is home to immensely talented tailors and with your measurements in hand, they can ensure that they craft a blouse for your designer saree that fits you like second skin. Whether you want tassels added to the blouse or you want an embroidered sleeve, we can ensure that it becomes a reality. As a matter of fact, if you want any special work done on your blouse, we can do that too.

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