The Latest Artificial Jewellery Made This Raksha Bandhan Special!

My little sister was getting married in a few months’ time and she was busy trying to finalise her traditional Indian bridal lehenga choli, I had other things on my mind. Raksha Bandhan was fast approaching and this would perhaps be the last time, she would be around to actually tie the sacred thread around my wrist. She was going away to Australia after her marriage, and the chances of her being physically here on this special day, year after year, were minimal.


So, I knew that I needed to make this Raksha Bandhan extra special and make sure that my little sister, remembered this for a lifetime. For days, I was on the lookout for a gift that was not only unique, but would also make my sister happy. I wanted something that she would be able to use on a regular basis, but also something that would be extraordinary. My mother suggested that I get her a custom made bridal lehenga, but I had a feeling that this was something that my sister wanted to pick out on her own.

That is when I found out about artificial jewellery and immediately I knew that it was a great idea, because it would be something that my newlywed sister would need and would enjoy using. Since she was travelling to a new country, it was best that she not carry a lot of original jewellery, but this was the kind of thing that she could actually use. And when I looked at the latest artificial jewellery, I was not only amazed, but also extremely happy. I knew that I had found the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for my sister.

Browsing through the collections, I realised that I could actually pick out sets – there were necklaces with matching bangles, earrings and some even had matching anklets with them. What was truly fascinating was that all these latest artificial jewellery came in so many designs and colours and even colour combinations that I was fast getting confused. I decided that I would pick out four of them, one in each of the basic colours and then my sister would be able to match them with most of her trousseau.

Fortunately for me, the order arrived about two days before Raksha Bandhan, which meant that I had plenty of time to gift wrap them and have them ready for that special day. The joy on my sister’s face, when she unwrapped her gifts was all I needed!

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