Nowthistime Spring Summer Kanika Collection 2021

There are some days when you are in a hurry and you will wear the first thing you find in your wardrobe, and then there are days, when you want to look special. These are the days when you will take your time choosing your outfit – you will want something that is feminine, delicate and just downright gorgeous. Kanika, meaning a piece of gold, is the latest offering from the Nowthistime Spring Summer Collection 2020 and is just what you will want to wear for all your summer festivities.

kanika kurtis collection

The collection has been created using fabrics that will give you that easy breezy feel that you so want and crave during the hot summers. The fabrics are also such that they will give you a comfortable silhouette that will make you look extremely elegant and flow with your movements, adding a certain amount of grace and charm. The collection is predominantly pastel colours with gold foil work that can only be described as elegant opulence.

The prints, patterns and motifs used in the collection are all inspired from the rich culture and heritage of India. The collection is mostly long kurtas, with easy silhouettes and long sleeves and if one is to look carefully, the most detailing is in the sleeves – from bell sleeves to layered ones, there is so much to choose from. One look at the collection and you will surely want to pick out more than one, because the kurtas are sure to awaken the truly girly girl within you!

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