List of products exported from India to other countries

What are import and export? How import and export related to the economy? Import refers to such a service where goods and services are purchased from another country. Export refers to goods and services produced domestically and sold to other countries. The import, as well as export, is the base of the economy. The economy, GDP, and balance of trade depend upon it. There is a list of products exported from India. In this, you will get detailed information about import and export. How import and export data affect India and much more.

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Top products exported from India

The list of products exported from India to other countries has potential in it. Export means the valuable and precious role and increasing the profit of a particular country. India provides essential products like jewelry, petroleum, vehicles, etc. Suppose you’re planning to start a business of export then definitely you will be on the huge profit side. India import-export data plays important role in export.

Stones and jewelers

India is well known for precious jewelry and stones. From ancient times the land of India was well known for its gem. Jewelry like gold, silver, handmade jewelry from precious stones provides a huge return margin. The structure and the design of the jeweler have attracted the mind of topmost consumers. Due to high demand India export this product. The list of products exported from India is stones and jewels.

Petroleum and natural gas

Petroleum products are considered as a top product for export from India. The extraction of petroleum requires huge investment and hard work. The countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal demand petroleum. Petroleum is made up of wax, coal, coke, charcoal. list of products exported from India provides huge demand and good marching return.

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Cereals are considered the best product to export from India. The topmost countries like UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia demand cereals. Due to the highly competitive market, the list of products exported from India to other countries gets a huge benefit from it.

Homeopathy medicine

Homeopathy medicines are usually famous in the western part of India. This medicine has no side effects like allopathic medicine. India is well versed in Homeopathy medicine. The rises of homeopathy medicines from India to other countries have drastic profit since 2014. A huge profit is owned by the government as a return from the list of products exported from India. 

Traditional handicrafts

Traditional handicrafts and a list of products exported from India are correlated. No other country provides traditional handicrafts at a cheaper rate. Due to the high demand for these product foreign countries purchases it from India. Indian government gets a higher rate of profit in traditional handicrafts. Countries like Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia demands more for this.

Dairy  product

Dairy products like cheese, ghee, are exported from India to countries like the US, Australia, Saudi Arabia. These products are exported at a higher cost. It is sold four times the rate offered for products of a local cow. India is in huge profit for export of dairy products falls under the list of products exported from India

Leather products

Leather products like a leather purse, coat, shoes are exported all over the world. The main market is the US, Germany, UK. Leather products bring huge profits to India.

Textile product

Trump card of India is textile products. It provides passive income through it. The countries to whom India provides this are the US, UAE, UK, etc. The textile product made of jute is highly popular worldwide. Due to good profit the artificial as well as natural fibers materials used for textile.

Import Export Data

These are some lists of products exported from India to other countries.

Changes in import and export data

India import-export data in 2021 have drastically changed.

  • Department of Commerce release report for India’s export. This year the export rate increased by 10%. The export rate was 60.29% which is $35 billion as compared to the previous year. The data shows that there was positive growth of 50% this year.
  • The import during this year through 54% compared to the previous year. It was almost dollar 32 billion compared to the previous year.
  • Talking about the overall India import-export data of 2020 to 2021 is $340 billion. Compared with the previous year it was on the positive side and 18% growth was noted.

Benefits of import

In terms of trade when we talk about benefits it means purchasing services or products from another country. Given below are some benefits of importing.

Introduce new product

Want something new in the market? Many businesses in China and India use this tendency. Due to the high population, the purchasing power is huge. They usually produce goods from American and European countries. The India import-export data requires a proper and effective market strategy in advance.

Reduce cost

Cost reduction is another benefit of importing. In many businesses importing products and resources are affordable than producing them locally. It is better to import machinery, entrepreneurs despite using it for their own. India import-export data require proper cost strategies.

Opportunity to become a leader

Manufacturing and improved product is a never-ending process in business. The unique products for import will attract competition in the market. Be the first to grab the opportunity to become the leader in a certain industry.

High-quality product

The high-quality product in India import-export data will always keep you on the profitable side. Various types of training and courses are provided to sell the product at a high price. How to make a profit from that product in the market?

What are the advantages of export

There are certain advantages of export.

  • The export will increase your sales potential. Those businesses which focus on export usually expand their vision and market regionally as well as globally. Suppose the sale of a particular product increases then new opportunities will be discovered.
  • The export will increase the profit simultaneously. Profit increase is due to foreign orders. Local customers beautiful buying fewer products than abroad. For unique and innovative products you will get huge profit from abroad. India import-export data have huge


Till now you might be aware of certain facts.

  • The list of products exported from India to other countries.
  • How India import-export data differ from the previous year.
  • The benefits of India import-export data

One of the famous quotes is “Business is the opportunity to grab once, if not it might slip your hand”.

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