Latest Ink Indigo kurtis collection

Indigofera tinctorial is a legume that is often used during crop rotation to nourish the soil and ensure that important minerals back into the earth, getting it ready for the next crop. The plant has been used for such purposes in Asia and Africa since the longest time, but it was Marco Polo who realised its true value when he saw the Indians using the leaves – these leaves would be soaked in water and fermented and the result was a gorgeous colour that sat somewhere between blue and violet. Because the colour came from Indigofera tinctorial, the colour was christened Indigo and from there began a love story that exists till date.

White & Blue Cambric Regular Printed Kurta With Pant

Every now and then, a new colour get labelled the colour of the season, but there are some colours that will remain beloved, no matter the geographical location or weather outside. Indigo happens to be one such colour – a colour that has been around since forever and the demand for which has stayed constant. Ink Indigo is our tribute to this gorgeous colour, and we pay homage to the dyeing techniques that have existed since time immemorial.

White & Blue Cambric Cotton Printed Kurta With Pant

The collection works on a base of indigo, both light and dark shades, and the are highlights of the other – so a light base kurta will have dark indigo highlights and vice versa, making this the perfect choice for anyone. This collection has something for everyone – whether you want the traditional kurta, the long A-line kurta, the tunic styled top with a string tie-up or a layered summer ready sleeveless number, we have it all!

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