Kurti – The Most Versatile Outfit Of Them All

There are a few things in your wardrobe that are as versatile as the kurti – with just one kurti, there are so many combinations you can create, and each one will look different. Team a kurti with leggings and you have an ethnic look, pair it with trousers or jeans and you have a fusion look and in case you are looking for a bohemian look, why not team them with a skirt or palazzo! There is simply so much that you can do with a kurti.


What is truly wonderful about the kurti is that even the people designing it, can have so much fun with it. From creating them with a range of fabrics to using prints and patterns that would normally be considered unconventional to playing around with the silhouettes and lengths, there is so much that can be done with the kurti. However, the best part about the kurti is that it is perfect for any body type – whether you are a teenager or someone who is in the later stages of life, this is one outfit that you just need to have.

When you are out shopping for kurtis, there is quite the chance that you might feel completely confused because of the sheer number of options. This is where you need to become the smart shopper – think about the weather, because during the summers, you need to look for easy breezy and comfortable materials, such as cotton and chiffon, because these will let your skin breathe. When you are looking for something that you can wear to festive occasions, you can look for materials such as silk or even consider prints that are inspired from traditional motifs, such as peacock or mango.

prints and patterns

These days, the younger generation wants to wear something new and different each time they step out, which is keeping designers on their toes too! Now you can find regular ones, as well as ones with a high low cut, which work really well with straight fit jeans or even leggings. The ones with a slit down the centre are great for casual parties, while the ones with a flared cut are perfect for when you want to dance the night away!

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