Kasuri Collection

When you think of Japan, you think of technology, you think of big neon signs on top of really tall glass buildings. Think of Japan and you will think of sushi and ramen noodles and you will also think of gorgeous cherry blossoms during spring time. But most people are not aware that Japan also has a beautiful fabric tradition – that is Ikat. Although it is said that Ikat originated from Indonesia, it has travelled to several parts of the world, including Japan and this country adopted it with all its heart, and made it its own.

Turquoise Rayon Ikat Crop Top Jacket With Palazzo

Kasuri, a Japanese word for fabric, is a traditional form of ikat that has travelled down centuries to the modern times and is still being practised. At Shree, we confess that we have a slight love affair with many things Japanese. Our previous collections showcased plenty of beauty from this gorgeous country and now we are back, yet again, with Kasuri. This collection is what elegance in simplicity is all about – plenty of printed kurtas and dresses that have an easy silhouette to make the summer days a little more breezy! The gentle colours match really well with the Japanese Ikat print and make this a great addition to any spring summer wardrobe. The entire collection has been created for casual and semi casual wear, but we are sure that if you choose to wear these to work, you will be swamped with compliments and when you wear them on your day out, you will be the cynosure of several eyes!

Blue Rayon Ikat Kurta Jacket With Trouser

The kurtas and dresses all have a feminine essence to them, bringing a delicate charm to any wardrobe. This is one collection that we are sure that you will fall in love with, at very first sight!

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