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A country’s economic status partially depends on the export and import or overseas trading process. When we talk about the export and import business, another important term that came along with it is the Shipment data. Shipment data are of two types, Import Shipment Data and Export Shipment Data. Import shipment data are those data that are often collected by the prescribed country’s customs authorities while importing any kind of products from the overseas market or global market. Import Shipment data contains the HS code of the products, sender’s identity, importer’s data, product’s price, weight, and so on. Import Shipment Data can be determinate as the master key of the products’ shipping cost.

Traders from different parts of the world often seek for gathering export-import data or shipment data from different sources. Even many traders often hire third-party vendors to do such work which is cost consuming as well as time-consuming. But with the advent and popularization of the digitally enhanced markets, such information is often uploaded and updated daily on the Government website. Hence today, collecting such data became much easier and that also forms the most reliable sources. Moreover, this site is maintained by the customs authority itself. Now the question is, why the traders and businessmen often seek for gathering the Import shipment data? While searching for the answer, we came to know that Import Shipment data often provide such information which helps the traders to build their business strategies.

Import trade data

What is the importance of Shipment data?

The shipment data provides a detailed summary of the decision as well as the negotiation of the properties related to the shipping operations. The Import shipping data often have certain benefits which draw the attention of the traders. They are as follows:

  • The prescribed data help to expand the business and reach new target market: The import Shipment data often tend to provide such information that is used by the businessmen to analyze the upcoming market trends along with the client’s information, which helps him to make a strategy for business expansion.
  • Identify the global competitive market: The information that is generated from the Import Shipment data helps the traders to identify the global competitive market. Such data often provide multiple traders’ or client’s names and information. This information gives rise to the ideas of reliable clients and the price of the products which various countries to countries. Hence it became easier for the traders to understand the competitiveness in the overseas market.
  • Global Network expansion: With the help of the use of Import Shipment data, the traders can create a direct assortment of businessmen, partners, companies, manufacturers, etc. In order to expand one’s business, there is a need to create certain trade or business networks. As history shows that any kind of civilization depends on trade and the trade needs to be networked. As we have already seen in the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • Increase in Sale: The Shipment data generate information about the demand for any product in the global market. Hence, we can also say that such data often provide information about the opportunity for business expansion.
  • Help to monitor the imported items: The traders who seek to trade in India need to analyze and monitor the shipping activities of the products send. Each and every product that is imported or exported contains an HS code or Harmonized code which helps the traders to monitor the shipping activities.

Top partner countries of India/Importer’s data

When we discuss the import shipment data, we also tend to discuss the top partner importer’s name who generally import raw materials from other countries and help the government to generate revenue in the future. According to the 2020 shipment data, the top importers are – Reliance Industry, Tata Steel (import raw iron and steel from China), etc. And the top partner countries from where such transaction takes place are- China, USA, UAE, Switzerland, Iraq, Saudi Arab and so on.

According to the Import Shipment Data, India imports various products like Crude petroleum, precious stones, telecom instruments, electrical appliances, etc. from its partner countries and get into certain trade agreement which further help to maintain cooperation and peace among the countries.


How Shipment data proved to be beneficial?

The Import Shipment data and export shipment data are often maintained by each and every country. Such data help the traders to trace the movement or the export or import activities. Along with that, it also helps the traders to find out the market trends in terms of the global arena. Other than the above-mentioned points, some other benefits that Import Shipment data provide to its traders are as follows.

  • The shipment data often provide well-managed statistical information which in turn helps the traders to make business strategies for business expansion.
  • The shipment data generate the information of many businessmen or traders along with the price of the product that is exported or imported. Hence the data often provide an overall idea about the business activities of business competitiveness. Such information helps the native businessmen or the traders who want to expand their business in the overseas market, monitored their competitor’s business activities.
  • Such shipment data also provide detailed information about the trending products. It often helps the traders to set the price of the products by profit marginalization. Hence it helps to increase their revenue earning through the business.
  • With the help of the above points, it is only due to the shipment data that will help the traders to expand is business.

Conclusion on the Import Shipment data

India imported various categories of commodities from various countries. Hence it is not possible to provide complete and detailed information on each and every document related to it. Along with that, different countries possess their own maintained policies which one can generate such information from the Import Shipment Data. These data always help the native companies to identify detailed information about the Importer’s details. The companies can use such details to monitor the quality of the products and the price of the products that are maintained by its competitor companies. Thus, it can be concluded that in order to expand one’s international business module, the Import Shipment details plays a vital role.

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