How to Speed up laptop windows 7, how to speed up computer windows 10

Here are some most effective ways of improving the speed of computer windows 10, laptop windows 7.

So here are the most effective ways by which you will get the information on how to speed up laptop windows 7, speed up computers. And these are the ways:

  1. Turn off the tips & all notifications
  2. Do changes in appearance in the performance options list
  3. Here is run, troubleshooters
  4. Do changes in power settings in high performance to optimize speed
  5. Download solid states drive
  6. Delete all the unnecessary software.
  7. At startup limit the programs
  8. Delete the Crapware
  9. Retract few appearance options
  10. Delete autoloaders that you don’t need
  11. Stop all the resource-hogging processes
  12. Stop the aero effects
  13. Delete all the huge files with the disk cleanup.
  14. Clean your recycle bin
  15. Turn off the index of searching
  16. Windows should be reinstalled
  17. Delete all the useless apps
  18. Need to add more RAM.
  19. You have to sure that you have the anti-virus spy scanners, and also installed the anti-malware

This is very sure that at some point all the computers windows 10 and laptop windows 7 always experience the slow speed problem. Sometimes pcs windows 7 become slow after the window updates, or it also happens when you open many applications on your pc at the same time. Many times we can’t even identify the exact reason for the slower speed.

In fact, the full filled space or system memory also becomes the reason for the pc slowness. And here is the reason of computer windows 10 is slower is you are running many applications on the pc at the same time in the background, the apps or applications which you lesser use or never use are also running so stop them immediately from running.

And you will see your system is running smoothly; there will be a list of many options of programs, services that launch on starting the windows.   As if we do these things one by one then it may be not so effaceable but if we do these small adjustments in unity then it can give a powerful boost to your computer windows working speed and it will make & keep your PC smoothly functional for years.

Not only some changes in computer, but there is various type of software also available which are helpful for you to get rid of any problems you are facing like some unwanted and useless apps, files or the software which is a reason of slower speed of your PC windows. This type of software can give you an alert of the files and software which causes the problem of your PC windows slow working.

Delete all the unnecessary software: Mainly your PC re-loaded with a lot of applications which are not for any use or people don’t use them but it can create a problem in your PC by eating up the resources of the system. You can recognize these types of applications by seeing the pop-up notifications for updates of an application that you didn’t use before

 Make sure to have spy scanners: It seems impossible to not pick a virus during web browsing, window updates, but now there are many spy scanners are available which are helpful to scan these types of viruses that are picked up while updating the windows. There are some window defenders and some third-party programs are also available which are helpful and prevent the damages in windows working.

They can scan the viruses and remove them, as you can read above there are many types of applications so some are good and helpful but some can take more space and create an issue of slow speed. So you have to find the anti-virus software which is good for scanning and removing viruses but doesn’t take too much space.

Turn off the tips & all the notifications: As it can reduce the processing & can affect the working power of windows, this same is for the notifications too. If windows do not generate any type of notification then definitely you will see a change in your pc working speed, it will work faster than before.

Clear your PC’s recycle bin: most people do this mistake they delete the files, but when these files are moved to the recycle bin people forget these files. It is also important that you should usually check your recycle bin and clear that regularly, then that files will be finally deleted from the system.

Why it is important to disk cleanup to make your PC windows faster run: when your PC seems sluggish then check when last time you have cleaned your disk drive. If you want your PC to run smoothly so you should clean the disk drive at least once a month. This will clear your recycle bin, delete all the files and downloads which you don’t need now, and the temporary files also. And after reducing the useless, unnecessary & files your PC windows will run faster.

Here are some points which will help you in maintaining the performance of your computer good:

Always keep in mind to close the apps and software which you are not using.

Shift all Photos, videos, or any huge files to any other external drive storage.

Remove all the unnecessary downloads, old files, and clear your recycle bin.

Remember to restart your PC usually.

Always make sure you have anti-virus software.

Some ideas for improving the performance of windows:

You can use the ready boost to improve the windows performance

Always do checking of the disk drive that should be space and if it is not available then free up the space

If you face any type of problem like this then, first off all try the easiest way restart your pc and run only the apps that are needed for you

Always aware of the latest versions/ updates of the windows & all the drives

Make sure that the unnecessary apps or applications should not run in the background, close them immediately.

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