How I Found My Perfect Indian Bridal Lehenga Choli

In the past two years or so, so many of my friends had gotten married that I had a cupboard full of just the latest party wear lehengas! And because the circle of friends intersected, I knew that I could not repeat any of these lehengas at any of the weddings. Fortunately, having younger cousin sisters means that you can often hand clothes down and when what you are handing down happens to be gorgeous clothes, the cousins are also more than willing to take them off your hands.Bridal lehengas Choli

But when came the time of my own wedding, I knew that I wanted something truly spectacular – I knew that I was not someone who would be happy with something that came off a rack. I was pretty sure that my Indian bridal lehenga choli would be something truly stunning and unique. I can’t remember the number of stores and boutiques I walked in and out of, trying to find that exact lehenga I had in my mind. The design that I had in my mind was an amalgamation of so many ideas that I had seen in bridal magazines, that no store could meet my need. Tailors I spoke to were totally confused about what I wanted and most of the high end designers I spoke to were not willing to take on the task.

I was starting to feel that I would never get the lehenga that I wanted and would have to settle for something that I saw on the mannequin at some random store. And that was when a friend suggested that I get a custom made lehenga        from Nowthistime. I have to be honest, I was not too keen on going to an online portal and getting my all important wedding dress made from there. Would they get my measurements right; would they get exactly the colours I was looking for; would I get the outfit on time – these were only some of the questions that were floating in my mind.

However, when I went online on Nowthistime, I was pleasantly surprised – not only was there a huge range of readymade outfits, there were also plenty of options, when it came to customised clothing. Their team of designers took their time to understand what exactly it was that I was looking for and one look at their sketches and I knew that I was going to get the Indian bridal lehenga choli that I had dreamt of! On my wedding day, when I stepped into my stunning lehenga, I looked every bit the Indian princess that I had wanted to be!

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