How I Became A Designer In My Own Right – The Easy Way!

I have always been in love with fashion – it really doesn’t matter to me, whether I find that fashion in the pages of a glossy magazines, on the body of a celebrity or on the streets that I cross, each day, when I come back from college. I love fashion and apart from the times when I am supposed to be buried under my study material, I spend my time either looking at the latest fashion trends or reading about them. However, there is a reason I never got into fashion design – I really can’t handle the pencil to draw what I have in my mind. I mean, my creativity is all in my mind, but when it comes to putting it down on paper, I am unable to do it and this has left me disappointed several times.

Designer saree

And then, a miracle happened – I discovered the wonderful world of Nowthistime! This online website is everything that a fashion conscious person like me would ever want. Whether I want the latest kurtis that I can mix and match with my jeans and skirts for college or I want to pick a nice georgette saree for my mom, it’s all here! But, what truly captured my attention was their made to order services – I realised that through their website, I could actually be the designer I had always wanted to be, without having to put a pen to the paper.

Their services are actually quite simple – you talk to their design team, give them an idea of what it is that you want, they design the outfit, taking your inputs at every step and before you know it, the outfit of your dreams is ready and at your doorstep. When I first read about it on their website, I have to tell you, I was extremely sceptical, which is why, I spent a fair amount of time, chatting with the design team, via their chat option. They took me step by step, through their entire procedure, and I was a little more convinced and decided to try their services out. To be completely honest, I was just waiting for an opportunity to try out my hand at designing.

I decided that I was going to dip my toes into this world and chose to get an anarkali designed for myself. I was pretty sure that I wanted to get this stunning crepe silk outfit, with a lot of embroidery and work done on it. I knew what colours I wanted and I had already imagined what it would look like, in my mind. I had a chat with the design team and they took down all the details, including my measurements. I told them which colours I wanted – I had chosen olive green and pink, and when they also agreed with my colour choice, I was happy. But when they told me that raw silk would be a better choice when it came to material, I wondered whether it would truly work out the way I wanted. I saw sense in what they said, only when they reminded me that I was looking to wear this outfit in the winters. After all, this type of silk is a little thicker, offering more warmth and comfort during the cold winters, as opposed to crepe.


Once we had finalised the colour combination and the fabric, we started talking about what kind of work should be done on the outfit. I was thinking whether I wanted zari work or something more on the lines of bead work. The design team at Nowthistime showed me pictures of all the works that they could get done, via their traditional artisans and expert craftsmen and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. I finalised zardozi work, because the moment I saw it I was in love with it. The designers suggested that I go for a combination of mango and peacock motifs and I was all on board, because I love those two motifs too.

Within a few days, they sent me a picture of a swatch, which had a sample of what the final design would look like and I have to tell you, it looked absolutely gorgeous. Throughout the design process, the team kept me in the loop – I was constantly sent emails about how far the design and tailoring process had reached and how my outfit was shaping up. In less than the time it had taken me to imagine this outfit and dream about it, my actual outfit was ready and the design team at Nowthistime, sent me the picture of the completed outfit. I have to tell you, seeing the completed outfit was like a dream come true, literally! I mean, I had been day dreaming about this outfit, since my first discussion session and now it was ready and within days, it would be in my hands. There had been times during the design process, when I had wondered, whether I should have gone with mirror work instead of the zardozi or whether the colour combination I had chosen would actually work, but when I saw that photo, all my doubts vanished completely. And when the outfit arrived, it was beautifully packed, ensuring that the delicate material as well as the delicate hand embroidery were all protected. As I tried on the outfit and looked at myself in the mirror, I knew that I had finally become the designer I had always wanted to become; well kind of!

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