Go The Whole Nine Yards And Dazzle Them All

There are some clothes that show skin and are often considered not classy enough, but there are some clothes which might show skin, but can only be categorised as sensual. The saree just happens to be one such attire that sits perfectly in the second category. It is actually surprising to see that a simple piece of fabric, when draped properly can create a silhouette that could inspire poets and artists and make even a simple woman look stunning.


References of the saree can be found in the ancient scriptures of India – in Sanskrit, the word shaati and in Pali, the word shaadi can be seen multiple times, and it is probably a corruption of these words that has become the saree of today. In addition, the saree has existed in some form or the other, in almost every part of the country, as well as the Indian subcontinent; only the style of draping varies. Today, you can find the saree in so many different avatars that your mind would probably be left completely boggled.

Walk into a saree store and you will find so many options that you might feel lost – from a myriad colours to fabrics, patterns and prints, the world of the saree has expanded beyond comprehension. But the best part is that no matter what the occasion, you will be able to find a saree that works just perfectly. Let’s say, you are looking for a simple saree that you can wear for a small family gathering, a cotton saree with a gold border will work great. Imagine the family is a lot bigger and there are going to be a lot more people, you can switch to an art silk saree, which looks grand, but is actually quite easy to carry.

For an office party or a social gathering, there can be nothing better than a party wear saree in easy breezy materials such as chiffon or georgette. When these sarees have been embellished with stone work or embroidery, they look so much grander, while maintaining that quintessential elegant charm. And if it is a wedding that you are shopping for, then you need to have a Banarsi or Kanjivaram silk saree, because nothing states traditional more than the traditional silks of our country. In case the wedding is a South Indian one, you could always consider a Kerala kasavu saree with work done on the borders and pallu.

A saree might be just a piece of fabric, but when it is draped around a woman and accessorised to the T, there is no attire better!

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