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GST rates with HS code are being searched by many traders and exporters in India. HS code is Harmonized System code, it is a 6 number code given the representation of the products. As many languages are being spoken in India. Every good have different names. So for proper understanding, HS codes have been introduced. At every invoice and other customs-related documents. Both GST rate HS code has to be mentioned to get the clearance on custom and acceptance at the user site. Let us umdertand about GST.

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There are two types of taxes:

Direct tax includes income tax, corporation tax, property tax, inheritance tax, and wealth tax. These are the taxes we are directly paying to the government. But there are some taxes that the government is acquiring from us indirectly, those are called indirect taxes. This includes custom duty, excise duty, VAT, service tax, sales tax, and 13 more indirect taxes we are paying. But a few years ago these all 17 indirect taxes have gotten merged and got a new face named GST. So we can say that GST is also an indirect tax.

If we go to a restaurant, after having our eatables we got the bill and we see the bill where there are two taxes has put on the actual price of the meal we took. Those two taxes are CGST (Central Goods Service Tax) and the second one is SGST (State Goods Service Tax). So through this, we can understand that all other indirect taxes has vanished, and in place of that GST has introduces. All the goods included in GST except Petroleum and human consuming alcohol.

For many manufacturers and other traders, GST has brought many benefits. These benefits are same in many cases but also has some diverse effect in other cases. Let us discuss the various benefits of GST for manufacturers and other traders. Also know why they have the requirement to understand the GST rates with HS codes.

  • With the help of GST, they have to pay only one tax. As we know that there were 17 indirect taxes that a manufacturer has to pay while shipping any product. All these included central and state-wise taxes. But after the introduction of GST, all they have to pay is one tax. So, they have a requirement to go through the GST rates HS codeto get clearance from the customs duty.
  • Now there is a common market because no central sales tax is being asked by the Government. In the early stages, because of this CST, manufacturers have to pay the tax while doing a business in outer states. So, many small manufactures find it costlier. After GST they don’t have to pay tax to sell their products in the outer state market. So, now they have a common market all over the country. All they need is to know about GST rates with HS code.
  • Sometimes, there is a qualification among goods and services. Goods had some other taxes whereas services have some other. While selling both in the same package, there were lots of challenges faced by the traders. SO with GST, we have got no complexities in those for further.
  • Invoices are the backbone of every delivery, there were many complexities were there when numerous tax had to be added to the invoice. After getting aware of GST rates HS code, all the manufacturers do it easily without any bugs because only one tax has to be mentioned over the invoice.
  • The Economist November 8, 2014, has announced that India’s significant distance drivers are stopped 60% of the time. This additionally prompts postponing of conveyance of merchandise at objections. The abrogation of passage expense will be an extraordinary help for the development of merchandise by street transport.

Hereby seeing the above article we have understood that the GST rates with HS code have great importance for every manufacturer and it has vanished out the complexities and opened some new doors to explore the goods and services without any inconvenience.

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