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Top team tech working as the best PC tune up as on the exhibition of your PC or Notebooks by wiping out framework mess. It likewise ensures your protection by washing away online exercises that are followed through your Internet program history, reserve, and treats. It eliminates follows from numerous mainstream applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, and cleans invalid vault sections of your working framework. It de-pieces library hives and page documents to further develop framework execution. Scheduler permits you to plan Tuneup exercises while Secure Delete permits you to erase your touchy information securely. Startup Booster eliminates undesirable applications that heap on the framework when it begins, while Service Optimizer dissects your framework and recommends administrations that can be securely wound down in this way upgrading the presentation of your framework.


Top team tech has a basic establishment method. They are doing free computer tune up, as during establishment, read every establishment screen, adhere to the guidelines, and afterward click Next to proceed. Before you start establishment simply check if your framework meets the suggested equipment necessities. Framework Requirements Top team tech is just viable with the kinds of Windows Operating Systems and its versions that are referenced in the accompanying table. Before introducing Top team tech, guarantee that the framework on which it is being introduced meets the suggested equipment prerequisites.

Check out the cleanups while tuning

Disk Cleanup

During computer tune up disk cleanup includes is a check-up action that finds and eliminates invalid and undesirable garbage documents from the hard circle drive. These records devour hard plate space and hinder the framework significantly. Circle Cleanup erases these records opening up space that can be utilized for different applications and helps in further developing framework execution. The Disk Cleanup highlight likewise erases transitory records, Internet store documents, inappropriate alternate route documents, trash name documents, and void organizers.

Registry Cleanup

The Registry Cleanup includes is a check-up movement that eliminates invalid and out-of-date library passages from the framework that have shown up because of inappropriate un-introduce, non-existent textual styles, and so forth In some cases during uninstallation, the vault sections are not erased. While doing free computer tune up, this prompts more slow execution of the framework. The Registry Cleanup eliminates such invalid vault passages to support the exhibition of the framework.

Traces Cleanup 

The Traces Cleanup include is a check-up movement that eliminates follows from Internet history and MRU List of different applications. It securely erases history, cleans the treats, stores, auto-complete structures, and passwords. Follows like auto-complete passages and saved passwords must be erased to guarantee that client security isn’t penetrated. It likewise eradicates the follows from mainstream application projects, for example, MS Office Applications, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Media Player, WinZip, WinRAR and follows like Browser Cookies, Saved Passwords, etc. All these processes are being taken by Top team tech working as the best PC tune up in Georgia.


The Defragmenter is an integral part of computer tune up as it includes defragments fundamental records, for example, page documents and vault hives for working on the exhibition of the framework. Documents are frequently put away in various areas hindering framework execution. Defragmenter decreases the number of parts and clubs every one of the sections into one coterminous lump to further develop framework execution.


The scheduler includes permits you to plan the Tuneup action intermittently according to your need. In free computer tune up you can arrange the Tuneup timetable to perform Disk Cleanup, Registry Cleanup, Traces Cleanup, and Defragmenter. You can make an undertaking and timetable it. The undertaking is acted behind the scenes at the time you indicate when you made the assignment. You can see the subtleties of the undertakings acted in the Scheduler Reports.

Tools for computer tune up

Top team tech working as the best PC tune up Georgia using various tools menu that gives highlights which erases copy documents from the framework. It offers secure cancellation where documents will be erased at all times and won’t be recuperated regardless of whether recuperation programming is utilized.


Record Finder The Duplicate File Finder highlight will erase copy documents of different pre-characterized document classes. It will look for copy records on client explicit areas. The client can likewise give an envelope prohibition list, to be excluded from the output of copy documents. Copy records will be erased utilizing the One Pass, Two-Pass or DoD erasure technique according to the client’s decision

Secure Delete 

The Secure Delete include is utilized for erasing undesirable records or envelopes from the framework. If you need to erase any secret information, Secure Delete permits you to erase the information making it difficult to recuperate using any means. Information erased utilizing the Delete capacity of Windows can be recuperated utilizing a Recovery Software as the connection to such information stays in the bunch of hard drives. The Secure Delete highlight of Top team tech working as the best PC tune up Georgia erases the document or organizers straightforwardly from the hard drive making it unrecoverable regardless of whether a Recovery Software is utilized.

Startup Booster

The Startup Booster include is a device that eliminates undesirable startup programs from the framework. The Startup Booster eliminates every one of the un-required applications from the Registry Run and Startup and improves the startup speed of the framework.

Service Optimizer

Your PC might have many have undesirable administrations that run at startup, burning through CPU and memory that can hinder your framework execution. Administration Optimizer examines your framework and proposes administrations that can be securely incapacitated to run at startup dependent on your responses to related administrations.

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