A Dream That Took Life Underwater

As I slept, I had a dream; I dreamt that I was floating in an abyss and I was being carried away by the currents, I realised that I was underwater. I was surrounded by a blissful silence and a serenity that I would want to enjoy forever. I saw gorgeous coral reefs that could have been created only by an artiste of a sublime nature and colours that would put even the most vibrant rainbow to shame! There were fishes and creatures that I had not even imagined could have existed and the fauna that existed in that world was nothing like what I could see around me in the real world.

White & Green Cotton Floral Kurta Jacket With Palazzo

Its like my dreams came alive in this latest collection – there were colours from the deep blue, prints and patterns that could have jumped straight out of the ocean somewhere near that gorgeous beach resort. Every outfit in the collection has some element that will take you back to that one session of scuba diving that you will never forget or that one trip that you took to an island that will remain etched in your memory forever.

Pink Rayon Ikat Kurta Jacket With Trouser

This collection has been designed in time for the onset of spring and summer, when you want colours that soothe your eyes and your mind. One look at the outfits and you will be whisked away to a world that you want to escape to – a swim under the bluest waters of some underwater paradise, where you get to frolic amongst flora in a myriad colours and fauna with patterns on them, that you could only imagine. And if you are thinking that the entire collection is only in shades of blue, you would be completely wrong – there are all colours of the rainbow, including greens, pinks and greys!

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