15 taglines for Made to Order

15 taglines for MTO

Why settle for something readymade, when Nowthistime offers you the chance to get yourself something exclusive; something that has been made to order!

For that special day, when you want all the eyes to be only on you, there is only one place that you will want to go to – Nowthistime – the place where you can get made to order outfits.

mto lehengas

When you want to look like the princess of his dreams, you might want to come to Nowthistime, because we are in the business of making dreams come true and of course, customised outfits!

When you want to create the most stunning wedding trousseau, you want to come to Nowthistime. From sarees to lehengas, no matter what you want, we will create it for you!

Getting married? Come to Nowthistime and allow our creative team to design and bring to life your dream trousseau, without any of the typical hassles.

made to order outfits

It might be your best friend who is getting married, but you need to look great for that day too. At Nowthistime, we will create that dream outfit for you, just the way you imagined it.

At Nowthistime, your size, age or even gender does not matter, because no matter what the occasion, we can create a made to order outfit for you.

Want your bridesmaids to look great for your wedding? At Nowthistime, we can custom make outfits, based on ideas that you give us.

Imagine you have this outfit in your imagination. Now imagine if that outfit could come to life! At Nowthistime, we make all such fashion dreams come true!

made to order lehengas

Think of an outfit, talk to a professional designer, choose fabric, colour and embroidery and within a few days, have that dress delivered to your doorstep! That’s what Nowthistime does every day!

Plan your wedding trousseau the hassle-free way, with Nowthistime – with our team by your side, you can have your dream outfits, designed and delivered to your door.

Whether it’s a wedding or an anniversary, there are some occasions that deserve a custom-made outfit. At Nowthistime, we bring the couture to you, no matter where you are.

If you want to surprise your loved ones, what better than having a special outfit created for them. Give team Nowthistime an idea of what you want, and they will create it for you.

Why not surprise your man with a sherwani that has been designed just for him? At Nowthistime, we can easily create a custom made sherwani.

Birthday, anniversary, wedding – every event becomes all the more special with made to order outfits. Come to Nowthistime and design your dream outfit today!


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